"Neil is a supremely impactful speaker who broaches lightning rod issues without flinching. Neil is unusual in that he has actually been softened, not hardened, by decades of experience with vulnerable populations negatively impacted by poverty, educational imbalance and racial inequality. It is Neil's personal mission to change the narrative on Black men in America to one that spotlights excellence. If you need someone to speak up, with grace and the power to create lasting change: Look no further, Neil is your guy."

- Amy Gray, Founder, New Leaf Speaker Management LLC





The critical topic of race and equality in America is urgent and daunting. The time for America to become the nation it claims to be, revealing ‘self-evident truths’, ‘created equal’, ‘with liberty and justice for all’ – is NOW.

Conversation is the “necessary, but not sufficient" step toward transformation. But, it has to be the right Conversation…

This talk will:

  • Lead your organization to elevated and effective conversation

  • Foster an atmosphere of honesty, vulnerability, and understanding

  • Create fertile ground for lasting organizational growth and transformation

  • Guide your organization to new levels of interpersonal engagement, policy setting, decision-making, and maximizing performance

  • Favorably impact the company “bottom line” in the many ways it can

This session is perfect for:

  • Organization leadership (Founders, Governance, senior executives, management)

  • Diversity coordinators – both formal (titled) and informal

  • Equity advocates

The plight of black boys and men in America is well-chronicled. We are overrepresented in unfavorable statistics such as life expectancy, overall health, crime, education, and poverty and, we are grossly underrepresented in nearly all measures of success.

But there is an untold story of optimism, accomplishment, and hope...

This talk will change the narrative on black boys and men and offer:

  • A new, more complete story of black men and boys and their rightful place in America

  • An expansive and hopeful narrative on the nature, character, and potential of black boys and men

  • A momentous elevation of black boys and men and the specific actions that support this rise

  • Concrete ways to advocate for black boys and men

  • Raised expectations of performance within our organizations and beyond

  • A vision for what is possible

  • An atmosphere that inspires confidence

  • Heightened awareness of personal success, and

  • A way to identify and measure positive outcomes within this population


This talk is perfect for:

  • ​School Administrators

  • Educators – teachers and school staff

  • Community Agencies (e.g. Boys & Girls Clubs, YMCA)

A loving message to our boys

I know you.
I know how smart, strong, and gifted you are.
I know how capable you are of becoming any and everything you want to be.
I know your challenges, obstacles, and frustrations.
I know your triumphs.
I also know the path for you to bring all your great gifts together to become a Visible Man – a man who will be a wonderful husband and father, an accomplished professional, and a great contributor to your community.
I want to show you that path so you can walk it in your own way and in your own time.

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